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As your State Senator, I dedicated myself to bring your voice to Hartford and to work hard to fix Connecticut for our families.

I've spearheaded initiatives to cut taxes, shrink government, create jobs and improve life for everyone.

As your State Senator, I will:

  • Cut Spending & Shrink the Size of Government
  • Eliminate Income Tax on Middle Class Families
  • Create Jobs & Put Connecticut Back to Work
  • Be a Leader to Help Seniors Age in Place

We've accomplished a lot, but we still have more to do to make Connecticut the great state we all know it can be. I'm ready to take on that challenge. With your vote, I will continue to advocate for our community, our values, and our families at the Capitol.

On November 8th, your vote can send a common sense message to Hartford: lower taxes, more jobs and a focus on families is key to fixing Connecticut's problems. Together, we can improve Connecticut for ALL of us!