September 12, 2018

Bipartisan Women Letter of Support for Kelly

An open letter to the voters of the 24th state senate district:

When our friend Kelly Rossman-McKinney decided to become a candidate to be your next state senator, most of us thought she was crazy. After all, she was the co-founder and CEO of the most successful bipartisan strategic communications firm in Michigan – Truscott Rossman – and was at the top of her game. Why on earth would she subject herself to the unwarranted attacks that are bound to come?

But Kelly is driven to bring compassion and compromise back to the Michigan Legislature, to take the vicious partisan politics out of the equation and bring back common sense problem-solving to the people of Michigan.

If anybody can do it, it’s Kelly Rossman-McKinney. She started her career in Lansing as a secretary in the House of Representatives, a single mom with a young son and a passion to make a difference. Less than 10 years later, she started her first PR firm at her kitchen table. She’s known for being outspoken – she asks hard questions, says what others are thinking, and has the courage to speak truth to power. It’s a quality we admire.

We may not always agree with Kelly but we know her heart and we know she will always make the very best decisions possible, seeking information from all sides of an issue and seeking input from the constituents she will serve.

Please help us get Kelly elected by taking the following five steps:
• Join our Facebook page
• Add your name to our bipartisan effort by signing up on our website
• Volunteer to walk your precinct
• Tell 10 friends about Kelly and why we need her in the Senate

We urge you to support Kelly Rossman-McKinney as your next state senator. She’s honest, fair and fierce – and she will work her heart out for you.

Add your name to the growing list!


Deb Adams
Mary Addison
Liz Pollock Andrews
Kathy Angerer
Sarah Anthony
Rebecca Bahar-Cook
Johanna Balzer
Joan Bauer
Laurie Bechhofer
Liz Boyd
Leslie Brogan
Laura Burroughs
Barb Byrum
Lisa Canada
Yvonne Caamal Canul
Andrea Cascarilla
Carolyn Cassin
Katie Cavanaugh
Kelly Chesney
Mary Clark
Stephanie Comai
Carol Conn
Traci Corey
Maura Corrigan
Karen Pirich Currie
Susan Demas
Anne Doyle
Sharon Ellis
Annie Farrell
Janae Fear
Terri Fitzpatrick
Julianne Fletcher-Wolpe
Sarah Garcia
Linda Gobler

Ginny Haas
Andrea Hansen
Carrie Rathbun Hawks
Olga Holden
Christine Hollister
Liz Horford
Sarah Jennings
Sabrina Keeley
Sheril Kirshenbaum
Theresa Kidd
Julie Kimmer
Lisa Knowles
Michelle Lantz
Lori Lathan
Wendy Larner
Geralyn Lasher
Jan Lockwood
Hope Lovell
Deb Maurer
Kathy A McAttee
Nancy McKeague
Marilyn McKinney
Terri McKinnon
Colleen McNamara
Stephanie McNamara
Kathleen Mechem
Terry Merritt
Anne Mervenne
Courtney Millbrook
Aleksandra Miziolek
Nancy Moody
Susan Moore
Tobi Moore
Carolyn “Sparky” Mowery

Faye Nelson
Julie Novak
Janet Olszewski
Ann Parker
Vicki Paski
Teresa Patterson
Colleen Ochoa Peters
Sara Clark Pierson
Julie Pingston
Karen Zeeb Porter
Lorri Rishar
Linda Robertson
Patti Schafer
Jean Schtokal
Paula Silver
Leanne Stites
Paula Blanchard Stone
Jackie Taylor
Amy Timmer
Amy Trahey
Lisa Truscott
Carmen Turner
Marianne Udow-Phillips
Carol Walters
Amanda West
Raj Wiener
Alexis Wiley
Catherine Wilson
Maria Wolfe
Sara Wurfel
Jill Zeeb
Jessica Zimbelman
Hannah Zatkovic

In Memorial:
Maxine Berman
Patty Birkholz

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